Brent’s story

July 8, 1997

Dear Friends,

Well folks, I thought I had convinced myself and a lot of you that this letter wouldn’t have to be written. Unfortunately, when I arrived home from the Kansas City Wide Open, I started feeling bad and my instincts told me the shit was back. Testing concluded that the leukemia had relapsed.

It looks to me like I have some tough decisions to make. At this point, with the condition of my heart, chemo may no longer be a viable option. If that is the case, I’m going to have a limited time left and I feel an overwhelming need to tell all of you in the disc golf community what an important part of my life you are. Death often times leaves many things unsaid.

Most people who go through what I’ve gone through tend to be isolated from their friends. However, being part of the disc golf community of friend and competitors (one and the same), I have remained upbeat and SOMEWHAT sane throughout all of this. Knowing that people from all over the country who care about me is extremely comforting. I couldn’t begin to thank all the people who sent cards and made phone calls, and gave me big hugs when they saw me. People say that I have inspired and impressed them with my fight and will to live. But that will to live was greatly inspired by all of you!

I’ve been blessed with a family who has built a very successful business of which I was able to become a large part. So many times I see people with serious illnesses who have financial problems and lose their livelihoods before they lose their lives. That is a tragedy. The stability, lve, and support from my family enabled me to have a blast with the time I have left. (Anyone want to buy a convertible Z-28?)

Concluding this letter seems so final and the unfortunate reality, that it is final. I don’t want to try to name everyone individually who are such special people in my life. (You know who you are.) I needed to tell the awesome people whom I have met that I love you all. Everyone of you helped me live my life to the fullest.